Access to information: a new promise for sustainable development

15 September 2020

UNESCO, as enshrined in its Constitution, promotes the free flow of ideas by word and image. Part of this is work to facilitate a legal, policy and institutional environment that ensures access to information (ATI).

This Report explores recent developments in regard to the laws and their implementation, covering evolving international standards, models for implementation bodies, and new digital challenges and opportunities.

In order to understand the drivers of change, the Report examines trendsetting activities within UNESCO, the Sustainable Development Agenda, the Universal Periodic Review, the Open Government Partnership, and the standard-setting work of regional intergovernmental organizations and national oversight bodies.

The research also draws on unique UNESCO surveys and analysis of Voluntary National Reports presented at the United Nations High-level Political Forum.

Among the findings, the report demonstrates that the SDGs offer a new opportunity for advancing ATI. With increasing number of States and other actors recognising this, the study points to an increase in positive trends in the future.


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