Call for applications - Travelling for arts and crafts residency (2019-2020)

13 September 2019

Created in 2010, in partnership with UNESCO and under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO, the Travelling for Arts and Crafts Residency enables French or international arts and crafts students nearing the end of their studies and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a four month study tour abroad thanks to a financial, logistic and administrative support.

This residency helps students launching their career by enabling them to work in a professional environment; acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad; design and create innovative objects; develop a professional network; and participate and present their work at international fairs.

All candidates who wish to apply must be enrolled in Arts & Crafts schools, institutes, universities.

The candidates have to be students nearing the end of their studies, but not yet professionals.

They must meet all the following criteria:

  • Level of study of at least 2 years equivalent to an Arts & Crafts Diploma
  • Enrolled in Arts & Crafts schools/institutes/universities
  • Recipients of scholarships and/or awards
  • Be less than 28 years old
  • Speaking French and English.

To apply fill in the candidate application form.

Download the presentation of the program for more info.

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