The ROAM-X Internet Universality Indicators project continues in Kazakhstan

13 June 2022

On June 13, members of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Board (MAB) of the UNESCO's Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators project in Kazakhstan will meet online to discuss current progress and challenges ahead.

The board first met and launched the project on 29 March. It includes representatives from government, academia, the tech community, the private sector, the media, civil society, UN agencies and intergovernmental groups, and the national Internet Governance Forum (IGF) community.

The board invites all those interested in digital transformation to take part in its next meeting.

The Internet Universality Indicators is a unique and powerful resource which is relevant to all countries, whether developed or developing, to gain a holistic diagnosis of its Internet policies, digital environment and thereby the structural causes of digital inequalities. It enables everyone to voluntarily assess their national Internet environment, address digital gaps, and improve the Internet. UNESCOs Internet Universality Indicators are a set of 303 indicators that aim to assess the state of Internet development at the national level according to the ROAM principles of human Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multi-stakeholder participation.

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