Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor: components in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

1 January 2019

The sites along the Silk Roads need to be promoted among the local communities as well as for the foreign tourists.

Here you can find information about components of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Among those 33 components, 8 components are located in Republic of Kazakhstan and 3 components in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Site of Kostobe
  • Site of Aktobe
  • Site of Kulan
  • Site of Kayalyk
  • Site of Talgar
  • Site of Ornek
  • Site of Akyrtas
  • Site of Karamergen
  • Site of Ak-Beshim (City of Suyab)
  • Site of Burana (City of Balasagun)
  • Site of Krasnaya Rechka (City of Nevaket)
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