Letting the Sun Shine In: Transparency and Accountability in the Digital Age

10 August 2021

This brief sets out the rationale for exploring a framework for greater transparency of internet companies as part of UNESCOs ongoing multi-stakeholder work to promote and protect human rights in the digital ecosystem.

The paper reviews existing transparency mechanisms of a selection of companies as well as some of the initiatives that seek to promote greater transparency. Looking at the advantages and limitations of current approaches, it discusses the value of a unifying initiative to elaborate the meaning of transparency for key digital actors.

Person as author: Puddephatt, Andrew
Document code:CI-2021/WTR/5
Collation: 16 pages
Year of publication: 2021


Permanent link: http://en.unesco.kz/letting-the-sun-shine-in-transparency-and-accountability-in-the-digital-age