Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of Kazakhstan won the UNESCO Wenhui Award 2019 for innovation in education

18 October 2019

UNESCO announced the winners of UNESCO Wenhui award 2019. Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) became one of the two laureates. This is the first time Kazakhstan won the UNESCO prize in education.

The National Commission of the Peoples Republic of China for UNESCO established the Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation in 2010. In collaboration with the Chinese Society of Education and coordinated by UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, the Wenhui Award aims to recognize innovative contributions of educators and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. The recognized activities have optimized the potential of education and the human innovative spirit to address and resolve pressing issues and problems facing our world today.

The 2019 Wenhui Award was dedicated to the theme of Promoting University and School Partnerships in Advancing the Education 2030 Agenda. It recognized successful university-school partnerships that have contributed to quality education and lifelong learning in preparing children and youth for life, work and global citizenship.

Partnership with universities is one of NIS strategies to support their graduates and recognize their achievements. As a result, NIS has been cooperating with leading universities in Kazakhstan to accept credit transfers and to develop accelerated undergraduate programmes for NIS graduates. It also established partnerships with universities in other countries, resulting in about 15 percent of NIS graduates enrolling in universities in Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom. NIS also cooperates with embassies of different countries to discuss admission and recognition policies. The Memorandum of Understanding between NIS and various institutions and agencies ensure that the partnership is sustainable and beneficial to all parties.

To read more about the winners and honourable commendations, please click here.

The complete list of winners and honourable commendations from 2010-2019 is available here.

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