Online Community Accelerator trainees in Kyrgyzstan prepare to launch online campaigns

12 July 2022

In Kyrgyzstan, representatives of six civil society organizations are undergoing training as part of Online Community Accelerator, a project by UNESCO and UNDP.

On July 12, the project participants presented their online campaigns to a group of experts representing media and international organizations. When developing their campaigns, the trainees considered the requirements and preferences of their target audiences, communication channels, and ways of presenting information.

All presented campaigns were aimed at solving social issues. One projects, for example, aimed to increase interest in innovation and technology among girls from remote areas of the country through social networks and messengers. Another project will try to identify individuals with TB among Internet users through a questionnaire.

The invited experts evaluated the online campaigns presented by the participants and gave them feedback and recommendations.

Online Community Accelerator was launched by UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic on June 7. The goal of the project is to identify community problems and develop solutions, as well as to explore innovative tools aimed at strengthening social cohesion.

The project teaches participants how to implement elements of media and information literacy in their information campaigns, management skills, fundraising, monetization of information campaigns, as well as the basic principles of social cohesion of communities.

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