Outcomes of Almaty conference on Communicative Education

6 January 2006

International scientific practical conference Problems of communicative education for Kazakhstan student youth in conditions of the open society Almaty, December 7-8, 2005

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan , Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, completed the 2 day international scientific practical conference

Problems of communicative education for Kazakhstan student youth in conditions of the open society on December 7-8, 2005 in Almaty city.

The conference was supported by the UNESCO National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dynamics of social and economic development in the world in XXI century is related to the resolution of the issues in education , science, culture and communication. The problems of the world culture and democracy on the basis of cooperation, social partnership, pluralism, cultural variety, dialogue and mutual understanding between the countries and residing nations are actualized in particular.

Nowadays the student youth takes active part in the life of the world society , internal and external policy of the country. They are the most educated and perspective part of the population , determining the future of the state.

Integration of Kazakhstan in the world space will depend on the education quality and intention of the youth to use the sources of scientific information, development of communication, qualification improvement, compatibility and necessity to join the world intellectual elite to serve the interests of the state.

Due to this the problem of the student communicative education is of great importance. Communicative knowledge and skills are considered to be obligatory component of qualification and education in the present time.

The aim of the conference is the consolidation of positions and development of unified approaches to the communicative education and training , the parts of the educational system, directed to form communicative competency of the student youth in the conditions of the open society and integration in the worlds space.

General Secretary of the UNESCO National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. D.K.Kasseinov , the representative of the UNESCO Cluster Bureau in Almaty city S.Karpov, 70 scientists from Russian, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Master class on Communicative technologies in education program had been conducted by leading scientist , Vice President of Russian Communicative Association , doctor of pedagogical sciences , I.N. Rozina, in the conference, 30 persons were present , among them : 20% undergraduates for Masters degree and aspirant of pedagogic specialities, 50%- young teachers of different educational establishment in Almaty city and Kazakhstan regions, 30%- scientists candidates and doctors of sciences. The participants obtained certificates on the 2day conference completion.

The first time the section for young scientists was established , 22 undergraduates for Masters degree and aspirants from the number of faculties of Kazakhstan Universities took part.

The conference participants note that significant success was achieved in the reforms of higher education in the republic last time: multilayer system (bachelors and masters programs) was introduced , new educational technologies , such as credit system and innovation forms and methods , Quality Management System and etc. Implemented reforms are directed to harmonize internal educational system and international educational space, to achieve more qualitative level of professional education and adaptation of future specialists in changing conditions of the new century.

The conference participants noted the deficit of attention to communicative education and training of future specialists in the higher school in the conditions of Kazakhstan joining to the world society, globalization of public processes, integration of the higher education system in the world educational space.

Communicative subjects are not included in the curriculums of the universities. Meanwhile communicative competence in the world is the system forming characteristics of the present time specialist personality. Therefore, communicative education and training shall be included in the system of professional education and retraining of the specialists obtaining higher education.

The conference participants:

understanding increased significance of the communicative processes and interaction as leading social force of development, awareness , approval and construction of new social relations in open society.

necessity to form new thinking, spiritual and human values ; upbringing in the spirit of the peace, tolerance, mutual understanding and social partnership among future generation people as a part of international cooperation in the construction of interrelated and intedependent world;

supporting joint efforts of the UNESCO National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan , the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi on discussion of the communicative education and training inclusion as education system components;

basing on national strategic priorities in the area of education development;

unifying with conceptual positions , set in the open discussions in the conference


1. To support improvement if educational RK policy , accepting new principle , principle of communicative education and training , as a part of it;

2. To arrange the net of international cooperation , creating Kazakhstan Communicative Association as a society of professionals in the area of human communications, researchers, specialists and practical workers , to support opening of similar points in the states of Central Asia , cooperating with Russian Communicative Association and the World Communicative Association;

3. To develop Concept of communicative education and training as the components of national education system and programs of actions with expected results and evaluation indicators.

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