Competency-based, ICT-enabled, STEM education in Tajikistan 2022-2025

20 September 2022

Strengthening competency-based and ICT-enabled STEM and VET education and teacher-training in Tajikistan

Expected outputs of the project:

Increased availability of textbooks, as openly sourced resources, including teaching and learning materials on STEM subjects based on competency-based curriculum for the 7-11th grades

Strengthened capacities of in-service teacher trainers, mentors and coaches to train teachers on new gender responsive learning and STEM subjects

Strengthened capacities of teachers to use competency-based curricula, teaching and learning materials for STEM subjects at secondary education and VET level

Increased ICT competencies of secondary education and VET Teachers

Strengthened capacities of in-service Teachers Training Centers (TTCs) at secondary and VET level to use STEM and lab facilities and equipment in the teaching process

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