Teacher trainers from seven regions of Kazakhstan learn new practices in HIV preventive education

2 October 2007

Twenty-six teacher trainers from seven regions of Kazakhstan participated in a hands-on workshop on HIV preventive education in Shymkent, 20-21 September 2007. The training was conducted in the Kazakh language and focused on preventive education for schools.

The Kazakhstani Ministry of Education and UNESCO Almaty hosted the workshop, which was funded under a special UNAIDS programme. The Institute of Public Health and Shymkent Polytechnic College organized the two-day event.

The key training resource was the manual on HIV prevention adapted for Kazakhstan in Russian and Kazakh by a working group led by the Ministry of Education last year.

Participants prepared and conducted model lessons using the Manual, covering basic facts on HIV and AIDS, HIV and human rights; stigmatization and discrimination of people living with HIV, and drug abuse and HIV.

During the workshop the Ministry of Education presented a Special Programme on HIV Prevention based on the Manual. The Ministry is recommending this programme for second-year students as an elective subject.


The participants appreciated that the workshop was conducted in Kazakh. Now we finally know the correct terminology relating to HIV and AIDS, said the teachers, who teach mainly in Kazakh. The manual contains a lot of relevant information, practical exercises and methods using language that is easy to read and understand, they said.


Most participants were confident that the manual would help teachers to improve students life skills to avoid HIV infection.


A similar workshop will be held in Uralsk on 27-28 September 2007, including teacher trainers from eight other regions of Kazakhstan.

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