UNESCO Almaty Needs YOU

1 September 2020

We are looking for volunteers for the L2L language program within the CAYNET project

What L2L is?

Professionals who speak more than one language are valued more in the labor market, which allows them to have a decent income. L2L program stands for language to language. Its meaning is to enable young people to learn languages ​​regardless of their geographic, social and material situation.

A significant number of young people live in Central Asia, some of them do not have the opportunity to attend paid language courses. The L2L program will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and provide young people with the opportunity to master several languages, improve their skills, be competitive and active.

The program also encourages the creation of new communication channels, friends, partners, favorable conditions for the development of young people and their intercultural competences.

If you are a teacher of one of the 6 official languages ​​of the United Nations: English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French, then you can become a UNESCO Almaty volunteer and bring significant benefits to young people from Central Asia to improve their language skills and knowledge.

How will the classes take place?

-Format: online conferences via the Zoom platform
-Lesson duration: 45 minutes
-Number of students in a group: up to 20 people
-Average number of lessons per week for one trainer: 2-4 lessons

You can become a part of the L2L Volunteer Program, if you:

- possess the skills of teaching and digital communication;
- fluently know one or several official languages ​​of the UN: English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or French;
-have the opportunity to conduct classes 4 hours a week online for 6 months or more;
-are a patient, calm and tolerant person.

What does a volunteer trainer get from participating in this program?

- Upon completion of volunteer activities under the L2L program, the volunteer trainer will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation from the UNESCO cluster office in Almaty;
- We will post the information about our trainer on the website of the CAYNET platform;
- We will provide support on an ongoing basis to help participants and trainers create the most comfortable conditions for learning and teaching;
- Participation in our project is free and on a voluntary basis.

Apply now

If you are interested in this offer, to take part in the L2L program, please fill out an application form.

The application deadline is 20 September 2020.

About the CAYNET Project

Let us tell you about the CAYNET (Central Asian Youth Network) project, which implements the L2L program. The Central Asian Youth Network was developed by the UNESCO Almaty Office. The project covers four countries of Central Asia at once: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Young people from these countries now also have a shared safe learning space, which is designed specifically to develop the potential of young people in these countries, to empower and participate in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as to establish intercultural dialogue and build inclusive societies in region.

CAYNET is a platform for young people through which they can realize their ideas and gain access to information channels and various opportunities. We believe that by providing young people with accessible education, we will be able to improve the quality of knowledge and skills, which will contribute to successful self-realization and the formation of a global citizen.

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