UNESCO Almaty Office is seeking for a Project Officer

7 April 2021

UNESCO Almaty Office is seeking for a Project Officer.


(Onlycandidates entitled to workin Kazakhstan may apply for this post)

UNESCO Almaty Office is launching a regional project (hereafter "Project"), funded by the Adaptation Fund, on Reducing vulnerabilities of populations in the Central Asia region from glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs) in a changing climate. The objective of the proposed project is to strengthen adaptation to climate change in Central Asia by reducing societal risks and vulnerabilities associated with GLOFs. The Project objective will be achieved by assessing societal risks and vulnerabilities associated with glacier-melting related risks and then addressing these risks and vulnerabilities. The approach will strengthen the monitoring, analytical and response capacities of institutions and government officials responsible for DRR, emergencies and CCA through community and gender-sensitive ground-level training and awareness campaigns, and through the establishment of early warning systems (EWS), supported with the necessary state-of-the-art monitoring strategies.

The Project Officer (PO) will operationally manage the Project for its successful execution. This positions responsibilities include the daily responsibility for the management, coordination and supervision of the implementation of the Project and delivery of the results in accordance with the full Project proposal and work plans. In addition, the PO will be responsible for overseeing the financial management and disbursements.

Under the overall authority of the Director of the UNESCO Almaty and the direct supervision of the Programme Specialist for Natural Sciences, the Incumbent shall manage the coordination and overall implementation of the Project by carrying out the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Coordinate the overall planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the Project in compliance with its overall objective, specific objectives, expected outputs, outcomes and activities.
2. Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and the reporting on the Project activities.
3. Liaise with relevant national, regional and international governmental and non-governmental partners, counterparts and stakeholders, and coordinate the Project team.
4. Oversee and contribute to the development and implementation of the Communication Plan of the Project in close cooperation with the Project team members.
5. Ensure the overall coherence with UNESCOs Natural Sciences programme and coordination with other Natural Sciences Projects at the UNESCO Office in Almaty.
6. Contribute to any other tasks that may be required for the successful implementation of the Project and UNESCOs programme delivery in the UNESCO Almaty Cluster countries.


To learn more about the requirements and apply, please visit this website.

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