Creative Economy Strategy for Resilient Future
Webinar on Cultural and Creative Industries

21 March 2021

In the East-Asian context, the creative economy has three key ingredients: creative entrepreneurs, creative milieu and creative ecosystem. During the webinar, Ms Gu Xin spoke about how these ingredients work together based on the idea of the value chain.

UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty continues to publish the video records of the webinars on the importance of the promotion of the Cultural and Creative Industries and the Creative Economy.

Theme: Creative Economy Strategy for Resilient Future

Date: 16 March 2021

Speaker: Ms Gu Xin, director of the Master of Cultural and Creative Industries (MCCI) at Monash University in Australia. She has published widely on urban creative clusters and agglomerations, cultural work, creative entrepreneurship, cultural and creative industries policy, media cities, maker culture and cyberculture in China. Gu Xin has worked with policy initiatives in the UK, China and Indonesia to support small-scale local creative industries development services. Her work focuses on the transformation of creative cities and the creative economy under different social, economic and political conditions. Gu Xin is the world-leading expert in contextualizing Western discourses in Asia and of convergence and divergences in the globalized creative economy. Gu Xins current research concerns the digital creative economy, looking at the democratization of creativity through vast transformative digital media ecosystems.

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