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27 August 2019

Within the framework of the International Literacy Day, the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office announces a Visual Storytelling Competition* (collection of stories). Topic of the competition Literacy and multilingualism: value for Kazakhstan and the whole world.

* Due to our office location in Almaty, the competition is limited only to students of secondary schools in Almaty.

The competition is held to raise awareness of the importance of cultural diversity and multilingualism among participants and their environment, as well as to:
Preserve and promote cultural and linguistic diversity in the context of global citizenship
Actualize the role of such key skills as communication and language skills for sustainable development, as well as information and media literacy
Support indigenous peoples in preserving their culture, knowledge and rights

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2019. Competition requirements and evaluation criteria can be downloaded here:  20190823 - Literacy day competition-ru-ed.2.pdf .

International Literacy Day

September 8th was proclaimed as International Literacy Day (ILD) at the 14th session of UNESCOfs General Conference on 26 October 1966. Literacy is a human right and underlies at the heart of education for all. In addition to its traditional concept of a set of reading, writing and numeracy skills, literacy is now considered as a means of identification, understanding, interpretation, creation and communication in an increasingly digital, rich in information (the main repository of the information is text) and rapidly changing world.

International Literacy Day in 2019 will be dedicated to the topic "Literacy and multilingualism", as 2019 marks the International Year of Indigenous Languages, led by UNESCO, in order to reaffirm the international community's commitment to supporting indigenous peoples in preserving their culture, knowledge and rights.

education trasnforms lives
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