"Women of the Silk Roads" Film - the UNESCO Award Winner

23 September 2019

The UNESCO Almaty partnered in the organization of the second international Almaty Film Festival held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 14 to 20 September 2019.

This year UNESCO celebrated women. The 10 films submitted within UNESCOs category of documentary films Women in cinema shed light to important aspects of creativity and struggles in womens lives. Films included stories of outstanding and remarkable women, who overcame hardships, who changed the course of history through hard work and determination, who fought racial and gender prejudices, or who simply yearned for happiness and love.

All of the films were thought-provoking and raised questions about equality, gender-based stereotypes, discriminatory norms and policies that restrict women's rights around the globe even today. The choice was not easy, so UNESCO decided to recognize three films.

The UNESCO diplomas of recognition went to Merata, How Mum Decolonized the Screen by Hepi Meti of New Zealand and Female Pleasure by Barbara Miller of Switzerland/Germany.

The UNESCO Almaty Award went to the documentary film Women of the Silk Road by Yassamin Maleknasr.

The prize a handmade felt carpet shyrdak produced by Kyrgyz masters of the TUMAR ART group. The making of these carpets is an ancient tradition closely linked to the everyday life and identity of nomad tribes in Central Asia. However, in the modern globalized world, this traditional art is under threat of disappearing. As such, it symbolizes the importance to safeguard and protect our cultural and natural heritage so that we can transmit this heritage in its richness and diversity to our children and the future generations.

Below you can see the interview with the director of the Women of the Silk Roads film - Yassamin Maleknasr:

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