XIII Republican Environmental Contest-Plain-Air for Children We Share the Planet Earth

7 July 2015

The Final of the XIII Republican Environmental Contest-Plain-Air for Children We Share the Planet Earth was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 3 July, 2015. The competition took place also in Almaty from 27 June to 3 July, 2015. The Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs (KazFUCA) together with the Chevron company in Kazakhstan are the main organizers of the project.

Gifted children of the age 12-16 y.o. from the specialized art schools had an opportunity to participate in the project. The contest covered Astana, Almaty and other 14 regions of Kazakhstan. After all, 50 finalists were selected and given the opportunity to spend a week in Almaty and improve their professional artistic skills.

The contest of this year was dedicated to the topic New Art for New Generation. As a part of the contest's program, the winners had a chance to explore the stunning surroundings of the Ile-Alatau National Park during the organized workshops, art lectures and presentations of famous artists in the Park. Participants also visited Almaty observatory, Big Almaty Lake and attended exhibitions of Almaty contemporary art.

Distinctive feature of this years project was the new art tendencies introduced to the participants by the artists of Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art. This year project was supported by Administration of Almaty city, UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan the Leader of the Nation, the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan and the National Committee for UNESCO "Man and Biosphere". An outstanding sculptor, member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Mr. Eduard Kazaryan performed in a capacity of the Chairman of the jury committee.

Master-classes in Ile-Alatau National Park KazFUCA

The main objective of the annual contest-plain-air is awareness raising about the environmental problems among the children. Series of lectures and seminars on the Red Book and the unique flora and fauna of Kazakhstan was held as a part of the contests environmental programme. The organizers put their efforts to inspire children for a common and ecological culture, patriotism and civic responsibility for preservation of environment, natural and cultural wealth, ecosystem of the country and of the whole planet Earth.

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