"Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads" International Photo Contest. Winners 2022

5 October 2022

UNESCO is pleased to announce the winners of the third edition of the international photo contest "Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads".

This contest offers an exciting opportunity for young people from all over the world to capture their understanding of the shared heritage of the Silk Roads through the lens of their camera. The 4th edition of the contest focused on the Faith and Spiritualities and Living Together themes.

Scroll the page to discover the winners in each age category: Category 1: 14-17 years old and Category 2: 18-25 years old

1st Prize. Ray of light on a Buddha Statue in Bagan

Aung Khant Kyaw (Myanmar, 15 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

After cleaning an ancient Buddha Image, a young monk is praying and Homage to the Buddha statue.

2nd Prize. The Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Matthew Lam Run Yao (Singapore, 16 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

The Nine Emperor Gods festival is celebrated in Singapore every year. Deities originating from Southern China are worshipped for health and protection against disease.

3rd Prize. Prayer Wheel

Indigo Larmour (Ireland, 14 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

In many Buddhist countries, such as Nepal, you'll find elaborately decorated prayer wheels being turned by worshippers, often with a set of prayer beads in their hands.

Honourable Mention 1. Love between faith and colour

Ayush Krishna Tripathi (India, 17 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

Young people celebrate Holi, the festival of colours, in Uttar Pradesh, India. During this festival people of all different backgrounds express their love and respect through bright colours.

Honourable Mention 2. Reclaiming a lost art: The carpet weavers of Borchali

Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto (Georgia, 17 years old)

Photo theme: Living together

Two women discuss the best techniques to create an exact replica of the rug they are studying. In the Kvemo Kartli region, traditionally girls are taught to weave by their mothers and grandmothers.

1st prize. Ramadan meals among the ruins in Idlib, Syria

Mouneb Taim (Syrian Arab Republic, 21 years old)

Photo theme: Living together

Neither the war nor the destruction prevented the people from holding a group breakfast for the people, which was an important habit for them in the month of Ramadan, which made them determined and determined to revive a group breakfast among each other on the rubble.

2nd prize. Labour in Bangladesh

Muhammad Saidul Islam (Bangladesh, 19 years old)

Photo theme: Living together

Labourers in Bangladesh transport sand across a river from ships to trucks. They work hard to afford an education for their children.

3rd prize. Prayer

Hao Jie (China, 24 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

The Hakka people in Tulou, Fujian Province, China light incense and ask for blessings during the late autumn and early winter. This is a traditional folk festival in which collective prayers for a bumper harvest and the prevention of disasters are made.

Honourable Mention 1. Dungan wedding

Aida Zamirbekova (Kyrgyzstan, 21 years old)

Photo theme: Living together

Preparations for a traditional Dungan wedding are made. The Dungan are one of Kyrgyzstans many diverse ethnic groups with unique traditions.

Honourable Mention 2. Compass

Yafet Gebremeskel (Ethiopia, 24 years old)

Photo theme: Faith and Spiritualities

Those who forge their path with faith in a compass are content in life whilst those who wonder aimlessly in the wilderness feel lost and disheartened.

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